What is HooteNanny?

HooteNanny is a program of music classes for families, created and taught by Nerissa and Katryna Nields.

Classes include:

Nerissa and Katryna NeildsHooteNanny is about music, family and community, and the ways in which learning to sing, play and dance can enhance all three. Music is hand selected by nationally renowned folk-rock musicians, Nerissa and Katryna, better known as The Nields.  The music is chosen for its accessibility, but also for its musicality and ability to bear repeated listening and singing.  Classes are aimed equally at fostering musical children and at encouraging family connections. HooteNanny is all about singing, dancing, playing small instruments and most importantly, indulging the imagination and creativity of the families who participate.  Learn more here.

Come sing with us!

Spring Hoot!

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Play Along Time!

Hello all!

A new session of HooteNanny is upon us. We shall sing songs of spring together: Roll the Chariot, Sugar Snap Peas, Six Yellow Chicks, All Around the Brickyard! There is great fun to be had.

All HooteNanny classes are held at Grow on the 3rd floor of Thorne’s Marketplace on Main St. in Northampton. Classes are:

Wednesdays 9am (full), 10am, and 4pm
Thursdays 9am, 10am (full)

The session runs for 9 weeks starting April 1, 2 with a break for school vacation week April 22/23. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Each family receives a CD and a songbook which will include their child’s name in the Bye Bye song.

HooteNanny classes include singing, playing small percussion instruments, dancing with props and making up new parts to familiar songs. We aim to encourage creativity and musicality in equal measure. We also hope that we are helping to create a wonderful wide musical community at the same time. Come sing with us!

To register, please email hootenannymusicclass@gmail.com