Spring Session of HooteNanny starts in April!

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Play Along Time!

It’s time to sign up for a new session of HooteNanny!  Spring is the perfect time to learn some great songs to carry you on your walks in the sunshine.  This session has lots of great songs about the sunny weather and getting seeds in the ground.  The next session of HooteNanny will begin the first week of April and run through the second week in June.  Mom and daughter playing along

We created HooteNanny because we believe that music is one of the best ways to create deep, lasting family bonds.  We love to hear stories of how a HooteNanny song has been internalized and rewritten by a family to reflect their family life.  One Hoot Mom recently told me that they sing “The monkey and the Mom went to the grocery store” in place of “The monkey and the kangaroo were running in the cold.” It gets that family in and out of the grocery store with a little joy instead of a lot of crankiness.

We also created HooteNanny because we believe that music is a great way to foster a wonderful community.  HooteNanny is a place for parents to bond with their children, but it is also a place for grown ups to bond with each other.


Come join us! Make Music!  Make Friends!  Make Memories.  And it might even make trips to the grocery store a little more fun.


Class Schedule:

HooteNanny- age 0-5 and their grown ups
Cradle Northampton

Monday 10 (full)
Wednesday 9, 10
Thursday 9, 10

North Star, Hadley

Wednesday 4:00

HooteNanny Singers age 4-10
Cradle Northampton

Thursday 4:!5

HooteNanny Guitar for Parents

Tuesday 10


To register write to hootenannymusicclass@gmail.com

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