Winter Hoot starts in January!

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A new session of the popular HooteNanny music classes will begin January 9th and 10th and will run or 9 weeks. The songs for this winter will remind you of your own childhood (The Hammer song, The Fox, La Bamba) and will gee you new tunes to sing with your child (Nerissa’s song about Animal families- Did you know that a family of rabbits is called a warren? Or Unicorns, a blessing? Or hummingbirds, a charm?) We have a lot of fun. Grown ups find wonderful new friendships at HooteNanny; babies and children develop musical understanding; but best of all, parents and children get an uninterrupted, laid back, 45 minutes of beautiful connection which is hard to come by these days.

Give yourself the gift of time with your babe and music will carry you both throughout the week!

Classes will be at Studio Helix on the third floor of Thorne’s Marketplace in Northampton, MA
Wednesdays 9:30
Wednesdays 4:00
Thursdays 9:30

All classes are taught by Katryna Nields.
To register, write to

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